What is the 1001 Poems Project?


About the Project

Inspired by the story of clever and beautiful Scheherazade and her thousand and one stories to please her prince to save her life, 1001 Poems Project aims to have a thousand and one poems written to bring world’s finest content to you. We are curating material from some of the world’s best books, essays, diaries, articles, quotes, blogs, quotes, even twitter threads and bringing them to you in a poetic form. We hope you like our poems.

About me

I am Abhimanyu, a fintech startup founder, bestselling author of a romantic thriller, and songwriter from India and the ideator/creator/curator of the 1001 Poems Project.
If you want to know more about me, you can visit me on my personal website https://abhimanyujha.com or follow me on twitter (@4abhimanyu) or Instagram